Non-Road Powertrain & Fuels

Future powertrain mix for off-highway applications


This conference will highlight innovations that are rethinking, refuelling and re-powering the internal combustion engine, alongside innovative battery and fuel cell technologies that are electrifying off-highway machinery. We welcome regulators, engine and machine manufacturers, powertrain, electrification and alternative fuel specialists. 


Emissions reduction and decarbonization of mining, construction, agriculture and forestry are complicated challenges, not least due to the wide variety of machines and the considerable power required to perform the work society relies upon. No single technology is likely to be the solution for all uses and, therefore, we must to explore a mix of technologies to power tomorrow’s machines.

Whatever the technology path, electric or combustion, our collective focus must be to decarbonize from not just a well-to-wheel perspective, but also in terms of well-to-work.

  • Global regulatory overview

Regulatory update

Combustion powertrains

  • New technologies and innovations

Alternative fuels

  • Synthetic fuels, biofuels, hydrogen, ammonia


  • Hybridization, fuel cell and battery technologies

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