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About us

Welcome to the first series of Emissions Analytics’ conferences.

As a company that has historically specialised in testing and data analysis, why are we expanding in this way?  The answer is that our clients value our independence, and this is increasingly needed as environmental and energy questions become more complex and, often, more politicised.  For over ten years, we have funded our independent, international EQUA test programme, which has discovered strategically important results about the real-world performance of combustion engines, in applications from light duty to off-road.  As we move to more electrification and alternative fuels to achieve decarbonisation, the need for evidence of the true performance is even greater.  Emissions Analytics’ global perspective allows us to see and compare trends in technology and regulation.

Our observation is that there is a lack of coverage of topics such as the pollutant emissions and sustainability of new powertrains and fuels, and of the tyres that allow them to operate safely and effectively.  With our background, expertise and understanding of our clients, we can fill that gap with our conferences.

Our goal, with hard work and some luck, is to make conferences that are genuinely valuable to attendees and the industry as a whole, and to stimulate interaction and discussion between participants.

We hope you can join us and participate in the discussion.

Best wishes,

Nick Molden
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Nick Molden - Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Emissions Analytics
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